Dead Men, Dead World

by Preacher

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released September 9, 2009



recorded by: ahren lanfor at the astronauts lounge throughout 2009
produced by: ahren lanfor and preacher
engineered, mixed and mastered by: ahren lanfor
programming by: ahren lanfor

preacher is:

rick plasencia - vocals
kenny wells- guitars, vocals
sean sherman - drums, photography
chris gettman - guitars, vocals
ahren lanfor - bass, synth

track 01 - ascend
track 02 - descend
track 03 - wicked hearts
track 04 - interlude
track 05 - dead men dead world
track 06 - ocean of dust
track 07 - abyssal
track 08 - blackest night

guest drums on the end of blackest night by: brandon devine
guest vocals on dead men dead world by: richard valenta
guest vocals on blackest night by: jeremy bushnell

preacher - copyright 2009



all rights reserved


Preacher Puyallup, Washington

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Track Name: Ascend
Track Name: descend
Descend-so black, the hearts of man, so cold are the faces of my brothers. I wish I could say I was different than this,
a self made coward a worthless martyr built from my own regret.

No more sunrise, no more blue skies.
Spare the roses and ill bare the thorns. Its easier to destroy rarely to fix.

No more blue skies
No more sunrise.

Become the destruction, plagued by our empty hearts, we are modern pollution. Fed from the same trough till our
greed turns us sour. Our minds are dying my mind is fucking dying.

I wish this world had taught me more of love and less of hate, but now I know that love was never an option and I
have nothing left to give.

Our minds change with the cycling wind,there is nothing left, I nothing left to give.

*this song is one of the first written for this band, it addresses one particular emotion, fear. Fear can be an
incredible driving force, or an enormous anchor that leaves us stagnant. It also pertains to the relation it has
with hatred. I see those two emotions coincide with one another. Needless to say almost every action made is sparked
by emotion on some form. This song is about a period of my life spent with fear and hatred being the sole motivators.
Fear often leads to hatred and hatred to ignorance. Confused, alone, angry in a world never understood. Don't let it
poison your mind, embrace it, feel it. Use it to make you something more, not like everything else.
Track Name: Wicked Hearts
A wicked heart-you've trapped me in words bone dry, these wolves in priests clothing. Wariness is running thick as
mmy breath turns shallow.

They've pulled my last card they who bring the dead season, they've pulled my last card they who bring the lifeless snow.

Deliverance of an endless death, submission for absolution. A voice singing praise in tongues rich with sin now mute.

May these means deliver my nightmares end. Succumbed for a lifetime, let me repose. I could live silent(and blind) these
words forever carved on skin, ill feel you burn with me.

no sleep for us, the sinners
No light for us, the blind.
No hope for us, the wretched.

*this song is simple. Its about making choices to satisfy someone else. Be it the music you listen to, a lifestyle choice,
the god you do or don't decide to praise. Any decision you make is wrong and a form of(in my opinion) suicide,if made for
anyone else but you. Its our choices that define us and when we lose those we are killing ourselves off, mind and heart first.
Track Name: Interlude
Track Name: Dead Men, Dead World
Dead man dead world. Feat. Richard Valenta-I'm a dead man in a dead world. The smallest man that moves a mountain,
the smallest straw that breaks the back, retracing steps to the same dead ends.

I've come to find that dead hearts make dead words. "It'll all make sense someday son", but you've got it wrong this
world can't save itself. No longer sentient, let this be my monument, a setting sun for closed eyes.

Despite changes we make we all burn in the end. Our hopes and our dreams dance in the flames and sleep in the ash.

*this song is about change. How we all attempt and strive to better ourselves and those around us, but it always seems
to come full circle to one key characteristic. Survival. Me first and the rest later, its instict. I see it every day
in my actions and the actions of those around me. We certainly make valliant efforts to achieve positive change, but I
can only help but wonder when everything comes to a screeching hault. I hope I'm wrong.I try my best to believe in
humanity,but my faith has worn thin. I don't see us outliving our greed.
Track Name: Blackest Night
where are the survivors? To a world that could only hate. For
we've embraced every drop of poison for every dream squandered away. Here once sat a man who strangled out
all his venom, to uncover true ambition. All that's left is a world uninspired.

What were once our lives, whittled down to private hells. Peeled off layer by layer and piece by piece. Until
nothings left but the questions.."how much further can we go? Is it worth the risk? When's enough enough"?

our dreams have left us. Tomorrow sways us farther and farther away from today. Our hearts once strong and
steadfast, beat like muffled drums. Keeping us marching funeral beats to our graves. Now we sleep

Our dreams became reality and our reality became our nightmares. Anger was our nature, hatred was our choice,
wasn't worth saving, now we sleep.

*what if everyone on this earth stopped dreaming. Stopped striving for more, stopped creating. I thought about
that while I was stuck in traffic on my way to a job I hate. How many people( myself included) waste their
lives doing things they despise, just so we can survive? The irony is that we aren't surviving, we are killing
ourselves slowly. Letting it resonate within us until we are poisoned inside and out, all the joy leaves us and
all that remains is cold,bitterness, and resentment.I see it in my face, in my eyes every morning when I get up,
life being drained from me. That's why we write, play music, paint, act, do whatever. Its proof that we still
breathe, we still feel, we still live.

(All of these songs are personal perspectives about emotions and life experiences.)